About ASV Remix

“Two Zero Zero Five” is the official year of birth for an Asian based Remix Crew with the name of Asian Static Vibe Remix @ ASV Remix.

It’s all initiated by the ideas from two underground Djs that combined their talent in such a vivid way. No one in the future will ever thought that this remix service will grow as big as it is today and still striving for more.

Put your seat belt ON and let us bring you on a journey to know ASV crew a little bit more meticulous. Dj Cowboy, a Filipino born Dj/Remixer/Producer started his Dj-ing career way back in 1997 and has been Dj-ing over the continents ever since. At one point of his career, he was based in China and there was where he met and gets to know DJ Nuold , a Malaysian born DJ/Remixer through the Cyber World. As unique as it sounds, the name Nuold is the composition of New and Old and has a strong influence in the world of Music scene back in his home ground, Malaysia. As stated, well-built foundation leads to what ASV is now!

Due to enormous determination and passion towards music, these two talented Djs started to make their crew well-known globally. The founders, at first, let it progress on its own and gradually injecting new ideas and creativity onto the crew. Among the members that were recruited over the years was Tyajayze (Malaysian, based in Malaysia), Dj Scarmixxed (Pinoy, based in China), Dj X-Factor (Pinoy, based in Philippines), Dj Fafan (Indonesian, RIP on Nov 2009), Dj Anakin (Pinoy, based in Philippines), Dj Mhark (Pinoy, based in Philippines), Dj Donjie (Pinoy, based in Philippines), Dj Awdamaddix (Vietnamies, U.S. ) and the latest newly intake crew is Dj Kima (Pinoy, based in Labuan).

There might be numbers of ASIAN Remix Service out there at present, but ASV is proud to say that they were the VERY FIRST to be established and make an impact on the clubbing scenes around the world! This is a distinctive crew because of few cores such as; It consists of all Asian Blood Dj/Remixers from all over the world, it produces albums with VARIETY of HYPED tracks (Mixture of ALL genres) that has been played over the years world widely, and last but not least, the selection of crews are not only based upon the knowledge of music but as well as their ATTITUDE. Through its escalation, ASV Remix was always bringing something different and went extra miles for the benefit of the crew and for the love of music! Currently, ASV has its own official website (www.asvremix.com) which has thousands of members and best beliefs will merely expand!